What's the difference between music and noise?

Which music brings consciousness and bliss?

Inspired guitar
True music comes from the depths of feeling, from the core of our being.
With respect to all, here we skip the noise and expressions of suffering that come from the pain body.
We give you only music that will elevate your spirit and guide you home, deep within.
Hang drum
In this crowded, noisy world, where can you go to listen to the sound of silence transformed into music?
Coffee shop
Which shops, restaurants, cafes and establishments are actually intentional with the background music they play?
Does the music quiet down the mind and inspire you into a place of creativity and infinite potentiality?
Let's find a safe haven near you from our growing list of consciousness-filled places.
Which artists can take you to the heights?
What types of gatherings, incentive models and creative exchanges can propel this talent forward?
Where can we co-create musical journeys that actually transform our psycho-emotional reality?
Listen to the blends our dj's put together, and you will see yourself going through a real journey of the spirit.
Their musical alchemy comes from a deep understanding of the psycho-emotional world.
But we can't really describe it, you have to experience it for yourself.
Music soul
True music really is the voice of the soul.
But not everything people listen to really comes from a higher power.
Trying not to step on too many toes, our community does the delicate work of seeing what's what.

What we
work towards

Audio waves

Giving voice to silence

We define music a bit more narrowly than most do – here you will only listen to music that emerges from silence, music that quiets down the mind and elevates the spirit. Holding nothing against any particular genre or artist – plenty of other streaming services allow you to listen to everything else – here we cut out the noise, the clamor that incites ever more suffering and numbness, and focus instead on those pristine jewels of consciousness and liberation. Listen to mixes and stations blended by those singular musicologists who intimately understand and can guide you on the journey through expanded states of consciousness.

Radio playing

Places serving as oases of relief

Walking into restaurants, shops, offices and premises of all kinds can often be a powerful exercise in presence for those trained in the art of retaining expanded states of awareness in the face of overwhelming invitations to go numb. If the radio is on, it often blares overtures of some (often quite popular) artist's pain (unless it's time for commercials $$), and society has completely overlooked the inherent aggressiveness involved in coercing everyone to partake in that. These places still provide excellent training grounds for aspiring meditators, but it should be a short, seldom experience, with frequent recharging in our designated sanctuary establishments.


Supporting channels of beauty

An increasing number of artists have discovered the power of mantras and musical experiences that serve as ladders to higher realms. These inner journeys are not for everyone, but when a group of seekers dives in together they make for a powerful force indeed... People who have the gift of guiding us on these adventures deserve all our support and recognition – and that's why this platform seeks to provide all the resources they need to perfect their art and let it be heard far and wide. Let's see how far these adventurous pioneers can go!

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